Terms & Conditions

This website can be accessed at https://www.caterquipkzn.co.za and is owned and operated by Caterquip Trading CC. These Terms and Conditions are binding to anyone who accesses or uses the Website.

The Website allows you to shop online for a range of small to large scale food-related business equipment.

Prices online are only applicable for e-commerce transactions and are not valid in-store.

Orders will only be processed once payment reflects in the beneficiary account.

All transactions require a lead time of 5-7 working days for payment and stock clearance.

Orders that have not been paid for may be cancelled at any time.

Caterquip Trading CC will not be held responsible if goods,which have been added to 'shopping cart' but have not been paid for as yet,become unavailable or experience increase in price at a later stage.

The purchase price as stated, is based on current cost of materials, freight, import duties and exchange rates. Caterquip Trading CC serves the right to increase purchase prices accordingly to fluctuations of cost of materials, freight, import duties and exchange rates, whilst notifying the purchaser prior to purchase.

All pictures of products on our websites are for display purposes and may differ slightly from the actual product.


All imported items carry a 6 month electrical warranty and 12 months mechanical warranty.

Branded items are subject to supplier warranty terms and conditions.

All warranty claims are subject to an initial assessment of the product. The assessment will determine the status of the warranty.


Due to the nature of our diverse products and its handling, Caterquip Trading CC does not include freight charges in your purchase. Upon Checkout, please fill in your full delivery details. Once you have completed the purchase, a representative will call you to arrange the best possible freight solution.

All prices exclude delivery, courier, set-up/installation of equipment.

Delivery costs are dependent on the area of delivery.

Delivery should take around 7-10 business days. The purchaser will be notified should there be any delays in delivery times.

Caterquip Trading CC will not be held responsible for any damages, losses or shortages incurred during transportation/delivery of goods.

Caterquip Trading CC will not be held responsible for incorrect handling, offloading, receiving or unpacking of equipment.

Collections or returns are to be executed at the expense of the client.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation should be done by a qualified technician or electrician.

Caterquip Trading CC will not exchange any equipment that has malfunctioned due to incorrect installation.

Caterquip Trading CC will not be held responsible for any damage, fires or equipment malfunction due to faulty electrical connections.

Correct and proper use of equipment use is very important.Caterquip Trading CC will not be held responsible for damages caused due to incorrect or improper use of equipment.

The purchaser agrees to strictly follow equipment maintenance plan given to him/her by salespersons to ensure efficiency of equipment is maintained.

Caterquip Trading CC offers maintenance on all Catering Equipment, but at an additional charge.